About Jan Bilek

Inspired by nature, I hope to create work that is sensitively crafted and evokes a sense of natural wonder, harmony and beautiful perfection.

The decorative nature of my work reflects my background as an Interior Decorator and Watercolor Artist.  Although I began making functional pottery, it became clear early on that my greatest fascination in ceramics is with the wheel-thrown porcelain vessel, in particular the bottle form.  I continue to love the challenge of perfecting the bottle, inspired by the the natural harmony of forms in nature and challenged by the skill required to create the most delicate tall narrow necks.

The glazes I use to enhance the bottle forms are unusual in that they are formulated to flow during the firing process instead of remaining stable on the pots.  This is how I achieve transluscent color flowing into color as in watercolor paintings.  Utilizing the qualities of these glazes, I strive for the perfect harmony between form and surface creating a vessel that reflects the organic balance and beauty of nature.


I have moved my studio to a new location in the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis.  The new studio/gallery is now located on the third floor of the building, in studio 337.   Along with my work the new gallery will also show the work of Nanci Yermakoff with her beautiful watercolors, and Thomas and Rebecca Maras and their hand blown glass.

My Minneapolis pottery studio/gallery is open most days while I am there working.  I am also open for First Thursdays from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Please view my work and stop in to see me at an upcoming event.


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View of downtown Minneapolis from my studio at the Northrup King Building.